What are mission statements? Who reads them? Who uses them? Does it really serve a purpose? A mission statement is primarily an organizations purpose and objective. Most mission statement also includes a vision and value statement. Mission statements are tasks an organization lean towards to accomplish a common goal.

The Kansas Department of Corrections employees all work toward a common goal. The KDOC has a mission, vision, and a value statement that is promised to its communities, offenders, and employees. The mission is “to contribute to public safety and support victims of crime by exercising safe and effective containment and supervision of inmates, by managing offenders in the community, and by actively encouraging and assisting offenders to become law-abiding citizens.”

This statement is straight forward. It is saying that it contributes to safety by containment of and supervision of offenders within its custody. When offenders are released they would have the wisdom in becoming law abiding citizens. Simply, the Department of Correction works towards reducing the recidivism rate by providing the resources necessary in accomplishing this goal.
The vision statement is simple. “A safer Kansas through effective correctional services.” This vision is generally saying that the Kansas Department of Corrections believes it is working towards making Kansas safer through effective services proven to reduce recidivism. The value statement states the importance that the DOC upholds.

There are six different values that are upheld. Honesty (I), Professionalism (II), Integrity (III), Personal Responsibility (IV), Respect (V), and Non-Discrimination (VI). Basically this states that “we” are going to be honest with everyone involved with the organization. Professionalism is held to the utmost standard. Integrity insures that the policy and procedures adhere to the values that are represented. Personal responsibility say that they will be held accountable for it actions. The KDOC will hold the utmost respect towards everyone. There will be no discrimination towards anyone, employee, offender, or its community.

I am impressed with these statements. These statements do not once refer to offender or it employees. It is written in first person, referring to its employees as “we.” The way it is written indicates that this organization operates as one in a team effort. These statements are well written in plain english so that anyone may understand what they mean.

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